Monday, January 12, 2009

Poring Canopy Walk

Dare for some small challenge? If you happen to go the Poring Hotsprings in Ranau, do check out the canopy walk. It's situated about 20 minutes walk after the hotsprings. It provides you with another point of view of the whole area. If you're not the adventorous type, the walk to the canopy itself is a bit tiring, but the feeling of great relief and joy steps in once you put your first step on the canopy itself.

Poring hotsprings entrance.

The path to the canopy walk.

Some rest points for a quick relief.

A view from the bottom. Just a little bit more walk and you will reach the entrance.

Another view. Kinda high isn't it?

Finally, reaching the entrance to the canopy walk. Get your nerves and reflexes ready.

First walk, no turning back. :) The pathway itself is surrounded with netting to prevent anybody from falling. The wooden planks are put on top of steel ladders for added security and balance. Just don't shake too much and you'll be enjoying the experience.

Opps. not more than six persons at any time on the pathway.

There are a few observation decks for you to rest from the adrenaline rush, and taking some aerial photos. A worthwhile experience!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kundasang War Memorial

These are a few photos which I took a few months back, using my Canon Ixus 860IS(soon to be sold though). The Kundasang War Memorial was established as a tribute to the memory of the 2,428 Australians and British POWs who died in Sandakan and Ranau during the war.