Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Portable mini product studio

When I looked back at the previous entry about the 6110, I realised that the lighting was not good for a product shoot. It was a rushed entry, with impromptu shots taken with available fluorescent light. Anyway, an idea for the lighting suddenly came last night and I did another product shoot for the 6110.

Then I used a bigger subject.

Arios Gundam which have been collecting dust.

The lighting setup?


I used a standard fluorescent desk lamp and an emergency light which are widely available at electrical store for cheap and I pasted a pinkish paper at the desk lamp stem for the background.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nokia 6110 Navigator

It was quite a hot day, at least for me today. We had photo-taking sessions for this year's magazine. Luckilly my colleague helped me with it. Two teachers with camera taking photos under the hot sun. Last year, I did it in the school hall but the photos weren't good because of insufficient lights so we resorted getting everyone out. Today was actually my first time using the camera's wireless remote. It was really handy for the group photo that includes me. I don't have to set the camera on timer and run to pose before the camera fires. Besides that, I can do this!


It came to my mind that actually I don't need to buy a new camera, or an UWA lens for my trip to Singapore. I was thinking of getting the Samsung's twin LCD camera or the UWA as it's easier to frame both of us while I hold the camera. As it's only the two of us going, I would love to have my friends with us so that they can help us taking photos(with the nice background of Singapore landmarks) but sadly none available. With the remote however, I could just put the camera on tripod, compose, walk to my wife and just press the shutter button. A bit less hassle than using the timer. I could take my time to think about posing.

Besides thinking of getting a new camera or lens for the trip, I bought myself a used phone, the Nokia 6110 Navigator for RM350 at Centre Point. I have been a fan of Sony Ericsson before, and Motorola which was my first phone. My last Nokia phone was a 6600 that I used back in 2004. So, what is so special about this camera?

It's a slide phone. I love the colours!

Dedicated volume and camera button.

2-megapixel camera and a very LOUD stereo speakers.

Albeit marked with scratches, those words spells a feature that I want for the trip. GPS!

My Singapore map in a nice, small package.

I could be better equipped with a proper Garmin GPS unit, but I rather have a 'multi-tasking' item. I could browse for nice places to go visiting or popular eateries when I'm there. To makes things sweeter, I bought new, original battery, headphones and an emergency AA charger. Using the GPS will drain the battery faster so the emergency charger will come in very handy.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Beijing BBQ Steamboat, Tun Fuad Park @ Bukit Padang

After selling off my car, I promised my wife and my brother(who helped me during the transactions) that I'm gonna treat them for a dinner. Both of us thought of having one at Promenade, but later decided to have a bit healthier meal, so we opt for a BBQ Steamboat named Beijing which is located at Tun Fuad Park, Bukit Padang. I'm not sure why they named it Beijing though. Nevertheless, I'm there to enjoy myself and see what they offer.

That's Kampung Nelayan restaurant(Fisherman's Village). Daily cultural shows are showcased here.

Another view of Kampung Nelayan from Beijing.

Eat to your heart's content. No porks are served at both joints.

They provide some cooked foods too.

Another section which offers vegetables.

Pick your gravy.

What did I have for my 'first round'?

Main course.

Side dishes.

Gather all of them here. You can choose whether to have tom yam or chicken soup.

Karen joined us too.

Here's how it looked like around 8 pm. Do come early or make reservations to ensure a smooth and pleasant evening.

The ever helpful staffs to attend your stomach's need.

In the end, I paid RM220++ for five person. Not bad considering the food they provide and their fast service. Looking forward to another trip next month!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

1 Fitness @ 1 Borneo

One of the ways to keep healthy besides eating proper diet is doing exercises. I admit I'm not really an exercise freak. I once did a very rigorous exercise sessions(jogging, badminton) for a few months and I ended up sick for the next few months. My body couldn't cope with it so I stop exercising after that and gained more weights. I have been weighing 90kgs +- for years now and I really think it's time to shed off those 'extra baggage' for good. Wathcning Biggest Loser on TV always provides that extra motivation for my goal.

Nowadays, my exercise sessions are mostly playing futsal and jogging. The only factor that stopped me from doing those things is the weather. But now, come rain or shine, I have a new place to burn off the calories. It's at 1 Borneo, in a fitness centre called 1 Fitness. It is located on the third floor, next to Mont Spa.

I took the daily rate of RM25 as I'm still working in Lawas(my application for transfer got rejected...sigh!). They do provide quaterly and annual membership too.


More weights that you can handle.

The provide lockers and bathrooms for its patrons.

Abundant parking, great location the ability to go shopping straight after a good workout are the reasons why I like this place. Hopefully after a few weeks I would see some improvements or rather reduction on my weight. I just have to stay away from the lower ground floor because it houses all the good eateries.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Kokol revisited

I have ample free time during this school holidays, but still I don't have time for my blog. Part of the reason is that I don't have any lenses. So I bought a used kit lens while saving up before getting a better lens for my coming trip. Btw, did I mention that I'm going to Singapore this coming September? No I didn't. My wifey and I just bought our tickets plus accomodation via AirAsia's Go for a four days, three nights trip. The main thing that sparked our intentions was when we saw Universal Studios Singapore on TV. Time to meet Shrek in person. Hehehe. FYI, the tickets and accomodation costs RM13++. Good enough in my opinion.

Anyway, my friends and I went to Kokol again last Thursday to capture the sunrise. Unfortunately, it was very misty that we couldn't get a glimpse of Mount Kinabalu. I borrowed Maha's Tamron 17-50 f2.8 for this outing.

It was cold too!

With nothing much left to see, I shot some floras and crazy friends in action. Besides, it's Maha's last day in Sabah as he got transferred to another place.

I like this shot the most.

This is where Sony's fast live view(in this case A550) comes handy compared to my obsolete A700.

Another 'useful' technique to take photos. Very low on the ground.

Can do without live view too, but after a few shots. :D

Whatever it takes just for that right photo.

Lastly, I just sold my seven-year old Kenari which has served me very well. It was quite a difficult decision to make but I need to make way for other things. How time flies. I still remember the how I felt when I bought it as it was my first car. Hopefully I don't need to sell the new car when I finish paying it in six years time. Who knows what will happen in the future.