Monday, June 21, 2010

Beijing BBQ Steamboat, Tun Fuad Park @ Bukit Padang

After selling off my car, I promised my wife and my brother(who helped me during the transactions) that I'm gonna treat them for a dinner. Both of us thought of having one at Promenade, but later decided to have a bit healthier meal, so we opt for a BBQ Steamboat named Beijing which is located at Tun Fuad Park, Bukit Padang. I'm not sure why they named it Beijing though. Nevertheless, I'm there to enjoy myself and see what they offer.

That's Kampung Nelayan restaurant(Fisherman's Village). Daily cultural shows are showcased here.

Another view of Kampung Nelayan from Beijing.

Eat to your heart's content. No porks are served at both joints.

They provide some cooked foods too.

Another section which offers vegetables.

Pick your gravy.

What did I have for my 'first round'?

Main course.

Side dishes.

Gather all of them here. You can choose whether to have tom yam or chicken soup.

Karen joined us too.

Here's how it looked like around 8 pm. Do come early or make reservations to ensure a smooth and pleasant evening.

The ever helpful staffs to attend your stomach's need.

In the end, I paid RM220++ for five person. Not bad considering the food they provide and their fast service. Looking forward to another trip next month!

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