Friday, June 4, 2010

Babai's 75th birthday

Just in case you're curious, Babai means grandfather and Sumuk is grandmother in Bidayuh and last Wednesday, almost all of my relatives flock at kampung to celebrate my mom's father's birthday cum Gawai celebration.

We had a big feast, complete with the booze but the most important thing is the chance to mix around with the ever-expanding family. My wife however couldn't attend Gawai as she's working but she'll be with us for Christmas(I'll be doing my wedding reception here in December as well). A lot of things have change all these years. The once-quiet kampung is now filled with new houses along the road.

Here's some of the photos taken. I borrowed Wez's F42 with homemade diffuser and flip card which worked nicely.

The place, Kpg. Tembawang Sauh, Bau-Lundu road.

Started the evening with some fine BBQs.

Some of the drinks available. My first time trying out Bacardi + Lime juice + Sprite = In love!

Some of my younger cousins.

John my cousin, grandpa and Uncle Peter.

Happy Birthday to you...

The eldest daughter feeding grandpa with the cake while mum watches.

Grandpa giving out cakes to his childrens.

Smooches from Aunt Catherine.

The family photo.

The in-laws photo.

The grandchildren photo.

Some more grandchildren.

Uncle Peter showing off steamboat recipe.

We waste no time for this!

The family table.

And merry-making session outside.

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