Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Sarawak Museum

I was kind of bored yesterday evening so I asked my cousin to tag along with for some photoshooting. We thought of going to the Kuching Waterfront, but when we reached there, there's a lot of people and no free carparks. Looked like there was something going on at that time. Rather than wasting time looking for a place to park the car, we headed to the museum. It has been a long time since both of us went there, almost 15 years. Just passing by, but never stop and visit. It was closed because we went there in the evening. So I just take some photos at the park nearby. Planning to get a nice water fountain shoot.

This is what I wanted.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I'm dreaming of a wet christmas... Just like the ones I used to know...

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a great day for all. Not too sunny, it will get hot but just nice to go and visit friends and family members. Been busy with lots of appointments lately, and my camera has been underutilised since the rain started. This week I'm planning to go outdoors and shoot some photos. Hopefully the weather will be fine later. Till then, Merry Christmas, don't drink and drive. Better drink and dive to your bed. Cheers!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Since I got my alpha, I received numerous 'poison' in terms of photo quality and the lens used. I love to shoot closeups, and subsequently I encountered the term 'bokeh'. Basically, it is a Japanese word meaning something that is out of focus. And this technique is normally used for potraits. As you focus on the subject, the background will be blur, resulting in a 3D-like image when it's properly done.

Good bokeh comes from good lens and technique. A prime lens(fixed focal length and aperture) can deliver good bokeh. And that is why I forked out my wallet to get a used Minolta 50mm f1.7 prime lens. The poison was all around me to get this. There goes my money to save up for a flash. Anyway, the photos taken compensate for the 'losses'. Because of the big aperture, it can perform in a dim area too. Here's my first few bokeh shots. Not properly done...for now. :D

Oh by the way, my flickr page is up. Feel free to visit

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sexy axe...

Sexy isn't she...
Just what I wanted after I heard it's sweet, sweet roar in 'Sweet Child O' Mine' many, many years ago when I just started picking up instruments. Some more photos with it's new strings.

Sorry to say, it's just a SX copy of the Gibson Les Paul.

But what the heck. I got it cheap from a nice chap, and he sold this together with a nice amp that I want to for my free time activities. It's a Roland Micro Cube. It's small, just as the name says, and looks cute too! Micro CUTE!

What I like about this small amp is that it packs some cool modelling amp sounds, effects like chorus, phaser, reverbs and so on. Don't be fooled by it's small size, it sounded bigger that it is. I was suprised. Money well spent again. Even better, it can be powered up using six AA batteries. Can bring along for busking sessions or for practice. Time for some inspirations for new songs!

Sony Alpha Workshop

Yesterday I participated in the Sony Alpha workshop held at Somerset Kuching. I looked foward to this workshop as I hoped to learn a few more techniques that I can implement for my future photo sessions. Plus, it's free! Friend's gig coming up, weddings and so on. I came there early, and there were a few participants waiting for it to start. After registration, I got some brochures, an alpha cap and a key chain. Nice! Gotta love the alpha cap. Just right for me to use for my friend's gig later. The workshop was conducted by John Shum, a well known figure in the alpha community. He was funny, and I'm sure all the participants were having a good time too. We were briefed everything from the exposure, shutter speed, techniques and how to make the most out of our alphas.

To test our skills, the organisers even prepared us a bus ride to Taman Sahabat to try our newly acquired technique. We had a mini competition where ten best photos will be given a prize. So all of quickly spread out to find the best spot to shoot photos.

When we got back to Somerset,each participants have to submit one best photos to be commented and reviewed. I submitted my photo of fishes gathering for foods.

Unfortunately, didn't win anything but received good comments to improve my photo. Should have submitted this instead I think. :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mini Lowyat and Grennheights Mall

A mini 'Lowyat' in Kuching? That is a very good news to KUchingites, as the ones we had in Wisma Seberkas is simply not enough. The shops are good, but more shops means we can spend a lot of time there hunting for the best price or the latest promotions. Technology gets outdated fast, so the money earned must be well spent on the best deal. I read somewhere yesterday about the opening of OneTJ. Being a technology and gadget freak myself, I have to check out the place myself. It is located at Tabuan Laru, and from what I read most of the shops there are the ones in Wisma itself. When I reach there, only a few shops open for business. There's still lots of vacant shops, but I'm sure when everything is up and running, it will be a nice place to drool for new gadgets.

After you finish drooling or tired of gadget hunting, you can try out the Samba cafe on the top floor of the building. Haven't try out the foods there, but surely a nice addition to the whole concept.

On my way back from OneTJ, I remembered seeing Cold Storage banner near the BDC flyover last June. Curious, I stopped by to check if it is already open to public. Then I found out that the name is Greenheights Mall. It was a bit ackward though as the back part of the building was facing the main road, not the front.

Nevertheless, I'm there the check out Cold Storage and see what is in store. The place was nice, and Cold Storage stocks quite a number of local and imported foods. And you can have your favourite coffee at Coffee Bean.

Nice to know that Kuching have more malls nowadays. Time to go for Christmas shopping!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Everytime when I go back to Kuching for the school holiday, I want a nice and cozy place to spend a night after half a day of driving. A good rest is vital, so always take extra precautions and remember your loved ones. :D In Bintulu, I always spend a night at Sunlight Inn. Value for money budget inn I must say. As Terry is my companion for most of my holiday trip, we booked the twin bed room which cost us RM68. The location is just nice, right in the old Bintulu town itself, with ample dining and entertainment places. Room size is just nice for the two of us, shower room can be upgraded, but still acceptable.

And the inn provide free wifi for its guest. That's a good bonus for heavy internet user like me. The bed is nice too, just the blanket is a bit thin this time around. I remembered it was a bit thick last June. TV with Astro is available too.

For budget travellers, I recommend this one to you. Enjoy your stay!

Monday, December 8, 2008


aAfter driving for almost 20 hours, and spending a night at Bintulu, I'm finally at home. Reach Kuching around 7 pm just now, Terry and I straightaway rushed to Everise 4th Mile to eat kolok mee, the food that we missed most while in Lawas. Today I encountered two cars skidded into the drain, and a live accident involving a motorcycle and a car. No casualties though, but seeing those incidents makes me lift my foot a bit off the pedal. But not for long We were so hungry and very eager to come back home. Well, can't wait for tomorrow. Want to take some new photos. Will keep you guys updated soon! Cheers and take care!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Restoran Seribu Bintang

After almost six months in Lawas working, it's school holiday now and I can drive back to Kuching for Christmas! Been looking foward to be in Kuching as I miss lots of nice foods there (that explains why I gained weight). Anyway, normally I will spend a night in Bintulu, as it's convenient and because there's a friend's restaurant that I love to patron.

It's called Restoren Seribu Bintang. Why? As there's a lot of lights there, the ones they used at homes during festivals. The co-owner is one of my ex-unimates, and it is located at Jalan Kampung Baru, Bintulu. You can find various menu available, Malay, Chinese and some Indonesian foods, and my favourite being cheese nan. What I love having my meals here is it's cozy and relaxing. The ambient is just nice for couples and families to enjoy meals together. Plus, you are greeted with continuous, soothing songs and musics.

Here's some photos taken just now. You can sit at the tables there, or you can sit here!

There's few huts available if you prefer to sit 'bersila'.

The service is fast and foods are tasty too. For those who wanted extra entertainment, karaoke service is provided, and you can sing at the stage. Good if you want to do functions or get together sessions.

For dinner I ordered...

Butter prawn....nyum nyum!

Black pepper beef...sllurrp!

And midin belacan. Nice!

Those are single order, roughly around RM5.oo each. To top it up, I ordered cheese nan.

Sorry for the blur and not so tempting photos, still learning to shoot nice photos using my alpha. But the foods looked better in real life. Well, that's all for today. Going to bed soon as I'm driving home to Kuching early in the morning tomorrow. Should you be in Bintulu and not sure where to have your dinner, here's the contact number.

Enjoy your meals!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Last week I went to Mesilau near Kundasang in Sabah. Purpose of going? Test out what my A200 is capable of. I've never been there before, and what I see from Kundasang town are valleys and jungles. Didn't know that it houses a dairy farm and golf resort. The weather was nice and cold there, with an exhilarating view of the majestic Mount Kinabalu in front of you. Journey from Kota Kinabalu would take roughly around two hours. Planned to look around at Mesilau Golf resort but the weather was bad. Enjoy the photos then!

This is a must-view scenery. Luckily I got this one before the clouds settled in.

The view is simply beautiful.

A walk here is relaxing.

Everywhere is green!

A part of the dairy farm. Tried to shoot some cows but all I got are their rear views. Just a sideview only this time.