Monday, December 15, 2008

Sony Alpha Workshop

Yesterday I participated in the Sony Alpha workshop held at Somerset Kuching. I looked foward to this workshop as I hoped to learn a few more techniques that I can implement for my future photo sessions. Plus, it's free! Friend's gig coming up, weddings and so on. I came there early, and there were a few participants waiting for it to start. After registration, I got some brochures, an alpha cap and a key chain. Nice! Gotta love the alpha cap. Just right for me to use for my friend's gig later. The workshop was conducted by John Shum, a well known figure in the alpha community. He was funny, and I'm sure all the participants were having a good time too. We were briefed everything from the exposure, shutter speed, techniques and how to make the most out of our alphas.

To test our skills, the organisers even prepared us a bus ride to Taman Sahabat to try our newly acquired technique. We had a mini competition where ten best photos will be given a prize. So all of quickly spread out to find the best spot to shoot photos.

When we got back to Somerset,each participants have to submit one best photos to be commented and reviewed. I submitted my photo of fishes gathering for foods.

Unfortunately, didn't win anything but received good comments to improve my photo. Should have submitted this instead I think. :)

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