Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Since I got my alpha, I received numerous 'poison' in terms of photo quality and the lens used. I love to shoot closeups, and subsequently I encountered the term 'bokeh'. Basically, it is a Japanese word meaning something that is out of focus. And this technique is normally used for potraits. As you focus on the subject, the background will be blur, resulting in a 3D-like image when it's properly done.

Good bokeh comes from good lens and technique. A prime lens(fixed focal length and aperture) can deliver good bokeh. And that is why I forked out my wallet to get a used Minolta 50mm f1.7 prime lens. The poison was all around me to get this. There goes my money to save up for a flash. Anyway, the photos taken compensate for the 'losses'. Because of the big aperture, it can perform in a dim area too. Here's my first few bokeh shots. Not properly done...for now. :D

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  1. Hi Tubik,

    Nice to see the 50mm in good bokeh.