Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mini Lowyat and Grennheights Mall

A mini 'Lowyat' in Kuching? That is a very good news to KUchingites, as the ones we had in Wisma Seberkas is simply not enough. The shops are good, but more shops means we can spend a lot of time there hunting for the best price or the latest promotions. Technology gets outdated fast, so the money earned must be well spent on the best deal. I read somewhere yesterday about the opening of OneTJ. Being a technology and gadget freak myself, I have to check out the place myself. It is located at Tabuan Laru, and from what I read most of the shops there are the ones in Wisma itself. When I reach there, only a few shops open for business. There's still lots of vacant shops, but I'm sure when everything is up and running, it will be a nice place to drool for new gadgets.

After you finish drooling or tired of gadget hunting, you can try out the Samba cafe on the top floor of the building. Haven't try out the foods there, but surely a nice addition to the whole concept.

On my way back from OneTJ, I remembered seeing Cold Storage banner near the BDC flyover last June. Curious, I stopped by to check if it is already open to public. Then I found out that the name is Greenheights Mall. It was a bit ackward though as the back part of the building was facing the main road, not the front.

Nevertheless, I'm there the check out Cold Storage and see what is in store. The place was nice, and Cold Storage stocks quite a number of local and imported foods. And you can have your favourite coffee at Coffee Bean.

Nice to know that Kuching have more malls nowadays. Time to go for Christmas shopping!

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