Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My new kit!

Finally! After years of endless frustrations in getting nice photos, I got myself a DLSR. My previous camera was a Canon Ixus 860IS and the 'old school' Yahica FX-3 Super SLR. Both cameras have served me well, but their limitations persuaded me to dig deep into my wallet and upgrade. Besides, few of my friends keep on poisoning me with their own superb photos which leave me in envy. So, I got myself a Sony A200W, the twin lens package. With a budget of just a bit over RM2k, I had only three choices. The Sony, Nikon D60 and the Canon 1000D. Why Sony? The twin lens package really tempting, and I'm sure I won't have the extra ringgit to upgrade the lenses. It comes with the 18-70mm and 75-300mm lenses, more that enough for a newbie like me. Now, time to make my friends envy!

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