Thursday, April 30, 2009

A model in the making

He's the youngest kid I have ever took photographs of, and I like how he loves being in front of the camera. He would smile and giggled every time I want to focus on him. Everything was candid. The 'model' belongs to an auntie who opened a grocery shop in Lawas. I often patron her shop for my newspapers and cigarettes. Just a coincidence that I brought along my camera and she was playing with her son. Shots taken with Minolta 50mm f1.7. Love this lens!

Hesitant at first...

Mum trying to assure baby that photography is fun!

I think he's wondering if he will look good on camera.

Give it a shot!

Smile and giggles kept coming in!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Honda NSR-150

This is a friend's bike back in Kuching. I love the orange colours on it, almost like the old Repsol-sponsored Honda for the 500cc Grand Prix bikes last time. The orange accent on the rims is a nice touch, in addition to the simple and less sticker usage on the body. Can't resist not to take photos of it for my personal collection. Please don't mind the background. Couldn't find a good one besides he's in a hurry during the photoshoot session.

He did tell me that he's planning to put in a Suzuki FXR 150 cc engine into his Suzuki FX bike before I went back to Lawas last January. I'm not sure about the progress about his bike now, but hopefully it's already finished when I come back late May later.

Monday, April 27, 2009

St. Paul's Chapel on the hill

Located along Papar-Donggongon old road, not far from Kinarut town, lies a nice looking St. Paul's Chapel. It's built on a small hill, hence the name. It took my attention everytime I used that road with its nice architecture and surroundings. Last Sunday when I'm on my way back to Lawas, I stopped to get some photos of it but unfortunately it was closed. Only managed to get a few shots but definitely I will get closer ones next time. Just have to make sure when it opens.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pimp my Honda...a clearer picture

Took some photos of the bike's part just now using a better background compared to the previous shots taken recently. Almost look like a product shoot. Photos could be better with a good flash placement. Nevertheless, I am really satisfied with the colour that I chose that is sparkling grey. I think fade black of the bike's main body will match the other grey components nicely.

Yesterday I bought a new exhaust. Original Honda which costs RM140. My cheapo RM45 exhaust only last about two months before rust started settling in. You get what you paid for isn't it? I purchased some of the bike's plastic part, the sprocket, chain and a new ignition key. Not forgetting cans and cans of paint.

Hopefully, the bike will be ready in two weeks time. Tomorrow I need to clean the carburetor and get the engine cleaned and wiring sorted out. Can't wait!!!

Cooking time again!

Last night had another cooking session with my loved ones. I just cooked black pepper beef and salted carrot with eggs. My mum cooked that most of the time when I was still a kid if she found out that our menu wasn't enough for the family. Simple to do, but tasty enough to make me finished my rice. It's been quite a while since I had that one. When I saw the salted carrot in Giant, straightaway I imagined my mum's cooking. The other dish was 'kangkung belacan'. Yummy!

I'm trying out bounce flash when I took these. Previously I'm using straight flash with a diffuser, but sometimes the light was harsh on the subject.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Toyota Corolla GL

This car was my brother's, bought it for RM5000 but needs a lot of repairing mostly on the bodyparts. There are a lot of old cars enthusiasts in Sabah who loves owning cars like these. Due to the fact that drifting is getting popular(no thanks to Initial D), most Toyota's rear driven cars are in demand. Getting the coveted AE86 from the Initial D series was difficult and expensive too. In fact I don't see Sarawak registered AE86 in Kuching. It can be considered rare as well. The 4AGE engines are well known for its reliability and power. Buying the other less popular Toyotas is a cheap platform for drifting. Put in 4AGE engines in plus some upgraded parts, it can be a serious contender.

Anyway, after some few thousands thrown into the Corolla, my brother managed to transform it into one nice looking car. Toyota Levin bucket seats replaced the original front seats, BMW's 'ducktail' spoiler, new 'champion white' paint and BBS 16 inch rims was put in for a more aggresive looks. Managed to grab attentions too when we drove this car around town.

Sadly, before we could proceed further with the engine upgrade, the car had been sold to make way for a new one. But that's a different story. :D

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Susan Boyle...the prequel

Little that we know that our beloved Susan Boyle had some great, but unheard singing prior to her appearance in Britain's Got Talent. From a nobody in her village, she's now a household name, and everything about her unearthed little by little. Guess we were touched by her simplicity and humility, and how we love listening to stories of rags to riches. How could the music industry missed someone with a lovely voice that reached everyone's heart. Her fan base is getting bigger by day. What she needs is an opportunity that she deserves.

The video below shows her voice recording, singing Cry Me a River. It's dated back in 1999.

There's a report that she wanted to change her appearance after watching herself in BGT. Personally I think she doesn't need to change anything. Maybe just her dress. She herself is unique, and her face projects a calm feeling. And people loves her voice, not her looks.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The navy boat ride

For almost 15 minutes, I felt the air all around my body when the navy patrol boat brought me and some other passengers for a boat ride around KK sea. When I saw the banner for the ride during the "Freedom of entry" event, I told myself that I must wait for this. Besides, it's cheap too. RM2 for adults and RM1 for children.

It stated at the banner that the ride will opened at 12.30, but by 11.30 I was already at the jetty. I saw a table with some navy personnel, and I purposely stood in front of the table and just wait. In just a few minutes, the jetty was packed with anxious KK folks, also waited for the same thing.

Right after as the navy personnel announced it was opened, all of them rushed towards the table. But, I was the first to buy the ticket, and immediately some 20 of the early birds including myself were lead to the boat. We were instructed to wear safety vest before the ride. I was busy preparing my camera setting though. I don't want the wrong settings to affect this once in a lifetime opportunity.

The ride was fun, coupled with some sharp maneuvering, showing its capabilities and power. The boat was cruising around 20 knots. There were some moments when the water splashed into the boat during those maneuver, and I almost got my Alpha wet. All in all I can say that it was one ride that I won't forget. Kudos to the Malaysian navy in organising such interesting activities.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Malaysian Navy ships

I love big ships. I always wonder and amazed on just how those gigantic bodies able to stay afloat. When a few of them landed on KK ports, I stopped at the roadside and examined the details of it. Not forgetting to take some photos so that I'm able to zoom closer. When the Malaysian navy showcases some of its fleet in conjunction with the "Freedom of entry' event, I just could not miss the opportunity to get a closer view.

Not bothered by the hot weather and blistered soles (I moved a lot when shooting for the parade earlier), my heart jumped when I saw those ships. It might not be the biggest, but getting into and actually feel what our navy guys are experiencing, is already a big thing for me.

Luckily, due to the hot weather, the visitors were less. Easier for me to move around and checked the equipments on board. The navy personals were kind enough to let me take photos of almost everything. Sadly, the only ship that I remembered it's name is KD Kedah. Maybe because it was the biggest there.

If this hits your forehead, I think you will adorned the navy mark forever.

Looks heavy, used to shoot slow moving airplanes too.

View from the top deck.

Holy binoculars. I can see some KK buildings clearly from Sabah Port.

Looks old, but it can be activated with or without a pilot.

One navy personal giving us some briefings.

This can shoot up to 3 kilometers away!