Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pimp my Honda...a clearer picture

Took some photos of the bike's part just now using a better background compared to the previous shots taken recently. Almost look like a product shoot. Photos could be better with a good flash placement. Nevertheless, I am really satisfied with the colour that I chose that is sparkling grey. I think fade black of the bike's main body will match the other grey components nicely.

Yesterday I bought a new exhaust. Original Honda which costs RM140. My cheapo RM45 exhaust only last about two months before rust started settling in. You get what you paid for isn't it? I purchased some of the bike's plastic part, the sprocket, chain and a new ignition key. Not forgetting cans and cans of paint.

Hopefully, the bike will be ready in two weeks time. Tomorrow I need to clean the carburetor and get the engine cleaned and wiring sorted out. Can't wait!!!


  1. thank you fren. your shots are even better. i haven't had any chance to shoot model. :D