Monday, April 27, 2009

St. Paul's Chapel on the hill

Located along Papar-Donggongon old road, not far from Kinarut town, lies a nice looking St. Paul's Chapel. It's built on a small hill, hence the name. It took my attention everytime I used that road with its nice architecture and surroundings. Last Sunday when I'm on my way back to Lawas, I stopped to get some photos of it but unfortunately it was closed. Only managed to get a few shots but definitely I will get closer ones next time. Just have to make sure when it opens.


  1. eh!
    i did pass by that nice church.. last time khidmat negara in kg ovai,papar..

  2. haha. i passed that one every month but only remembered to stop there last week. any infos about this church as i couldn't find any. thanks for the visit and cheers!