Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sanyo Eneloop mini review

I'm not that good in reviewing something(complaining is a different story) but I'll try my very best. This is based on a normal, photography hobbyist point of view.

I recently acquired a new set of 4 pieces Sanyo Eneloop AA batteries and charger for RM140. Those are some serious power from my experiences when I used them for my recent photoshoots. Recycle rate is great, and with its low self discharge, this batteries can be used straight out from the box. Eneloops ability to retain almost 90% of its charge after a few months is a main selling point.

Actually I thought that normal alkalines would cater for most of my daily photo sessions, and I just swap them if it is drained completely. But during one occasion last month, my batteries died on me just when I needed it most and I had to bump up the iso to get a decent shot as the on board flash was just adequate, but not powerful enough.

After two weeks of daily use, the batteries still can emits full flash power in just a few seconds after the first shot was taken. I got around 7 seconds till the test button is lit up to indicate that my F42 is ready for the next shot. This figure would be less if the battery is fully charged.

Eneloops can be recharged up to a thousand times, meaning I can save a lot compared to buying new sets of alkalines each time. Save the environment too where you contribute to the lesser cost of recycling of disposable batteries. I don't see this batteries will disappoint me in this coming weeks and I'm really happy with my recent purchase. Thumbs up for a great product. This concludes my mini review of Sanyo Eneloops.

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