Monday, April 6, 2009

The 'Cowboy' hat

When I first set foot in Lawas five years ago, I was kinda surprised to see some of the folks here dressed a bit like cowboys. Tight jeans, boots and checker shirts was a common sight. It's a fresh view for me, smiling to myself whenever I passed one.

A cowboy would not be one without the trademark cowboy hat. Here however, instead of the leather hat, we have one made of tree bark. It looks good too because of the unique texture and colours. Price depends on the hand-made quality and smoothness.

I had a few, as I used them often during the Limbang Division Inter-school sports meet to cover from rain and the sun. I wore once in KK, went into a Petronas Station and got compliments from a girl there. :D. I'm not that photogenic, but maybe the hat helps somehow or the other.

If you ever stop by in Lawas or Limbang, do stop by at the market, and get yourself one as a collection. It's cheap, starting from RM15.00 for a normal one. A better built hat cost around Rm20.oo t0 RM25.00.

This is the man's hat. The woman version have a flower made of tree bark at the side.

The inside part of the hat.

If you're interested, I can buy for you. :D. Don't worry, I'm a verified member. Just look for my nick. Just pay me the postage and handling cost and you can have yourself a nice walkaround hat.

Now where can I get my horse? Yeeehaaa!

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