Thursday, April 16, 2009

Too old to read? Wrong! Mags for the 60 years old and above in Japan.

Before you proceed, I must advise those in their 40's and below. If you find wrinkles in lingerie and sagginess will cause uncomfortable and discomfort to you and your tummy, please do not browse further. If you do, you might need to prepare some tissues or air sickness bag. I won't be held responsible if your laptop and monitor broke down, or the hours spent cleaning your room because of your sudden 'outburst'.

Advise number two. If you're eating now, please stop before browsing further. If your menu is somewhat so delicious, finish it first. Don't browse this post while drinking. You would not want those tasty coke or coffee coming out right through your nose. But it would make a nice nasal cavity cleaner though. Hehe. If you're the type of person that perceive magazine covers are only with nice curves, clean, fair and beautiful faces together with slim bodies, then this post might not be suitable for you.

Alright. Back to the topic. The Japanese have been known of their rich culture, their ninjas, nice cars and their modern technology that we all fond of and envy sometimes because some if it are 'Japanese exclusive only' things. They are also known to take good care of their older citizens, staying in modern homes with trained workers to take care of their needs.

Some says that you're never too old to learn. I guess that's true as the Japs published magazines for their elder counterparts as well. I don't know if these mags can sell, but I think it's a nice idea to cater their reader's need as well. It comes with front page covers that might pop their eyes out and jaws dropping.

Is the tissue in your hands now?

What is she doing?

The cover models still can strut their stuffs just like this one...

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