Thursday, April 23, 2009

Susan Boyle...the prequel

Little that we know that our beloved Susan Boyle had some great, but unheard singing prior to her appearance in Britain's Got Talent. From a nobody in her village, she's now a household name, and everything about her unearthed little by little. Guess we were touched by her simplicity and humility, and how we love listening to stories of rags to riches. How could the music industry missed someone with a lovely voice that reached everyone's heart. Her fan base is getting bigger by day. What she needs is an opportunity that she deserves.

The video below shows her voice recording, singing Cry Me a River. It's dated back in 1999.

There's a report that she wanted to change her appearance after watching herself in BGT. Personally I think she doesn't need to change anything. Maybe just her dress. She herself is unique, and her face projects a calm feeling. And people loves her voice, not her looks.

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