Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kota Kinabalu's 'Freedom of entry to the city' maritime show

Last Saturday morning I was thinking of going out to shoot some things but did not have the idea to where I should go. Luckily I bought one local daily news and found out that an event will be held that morning at Segama waterfront. Some 1,100 navy and army personnel from United States of America, India, Indonesia and Brunei took part in the "Freedom of Entry to the City" programme at Segama Waterfront in conjunction with the Malaysian Royal Navy 75th Anniversary. There were a lot of activities being done there, a lot of photos but I'll post up the activities one by one starting by the Malaysian Navy maritime show.

I enjoyed the demonstration very much, which showcased the capabilities and speed of the boats. Shots taken with 75-300 kitlens.

They even applied the brakes! Awesome!

I will post up the the interesting parade, my visit to some of the Malaysian Navy warships and my trip on the navy boat later.

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