Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sony Nex-C3 launching at Mega Avit, Karamunsing

Some great news (bad news for the wallet apparently) for Sony camera users came early this month. The Nex-series have been updated with the C3, 5N and the top of the line Nex-7. Not forgetting the DSLT of A65 and A77, the much-awaited successor for A700 which I owned previously.

When the Nex-C3 arrived, Mega Avit organised a soft-launching ceremony and they have invited our Facebook group, Sony Alpha Kaki Photo members to join. With good food being provided, it was a fun, yet poisonous affair for everyone that attended.

Prior to the ceremony, Phil from Mega Avit had requested me to take some sample shots using the C3 in and around Karamunsing complex, before being printed by Proart to be shown during the event.. Being a Nex-3 user myself, I took the opportunity to test my cam's successor. The slightly bigger grip on the C3 is a much-welcome feature. It rest nicely in my hands. I'm not going to talk a lot about the technical stuffs as you can find a lot of them in the net. One thing for sure, the Nex-series with Voigtlander lenses are damn poisonous.

With the Voigtlander lens. Bokeh produced was awesome!

One of the five photos that I took that was printed.

Gotta love the under-rated 16mm pancake.


Group usual.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Helen and Rosa - Photoshoot at Tun Fuad Park

Sorry for the long absence. As usual, I have been busy with work, not forgetting I have acquired some new (or rather used) ,interesting items that will help me in my photography journey. One of the highlights was, after almost three years using a netbook, I bought myself a new laptop. Never thought editing photos and videos would be this easy and fast.

Anyway, this is another photoshoot organised by a few members of Sony Alpha Kaki Photo (SAKP) in Facebook which I am a member and is based in Kota Kinabalu. It's an active, I mean really active group comprises of mostly Sony Alpha camera users, but welcomed other brands as well.

This particular session was held at Tun Fuad Park, and I used Nex with Carl Zeiss 50mm. Reflectors were used because it was very hot and sunny.



Carl Zeiss wide open.

Captured with Nex's Toy photo feature.

These subsequent photos were taken with Nex's High Contrast Monochrome feature.

I did mentioned that SAKP is a very active group, and as far as I can remember, there are plans of back to back photoshoot session starting this week. I do hope I will have the time to blog about all those. Till then, happy shooting!