Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The new shooter..Sony RX100m2

Lately...or for quite some time I don't have time or opportunities to take photos and share it in FB or here. Apart from time, another reason that contributes to that is the fact that I'm a bit lazy lugging around my DLST. I go out a lot, but most of the time without the camera and only equipped with phone. And I find it quite a hassle to take photos of my baby while another hand holding her.

So I decided to sell off my a77, lenses and flashes...and go small. Small as in the pocketable RX100m2. It was either m2 or m3. Longer zoom, hot shoe versus bright lenses, shorter, no hotshoe. Since I think I'll be using that for portraits as well, I bought the m2. Love the wifi sharing function. Very useful after every school events.

I lug it around all the time. Who knows something nice might pop out. Photos during Christmas trip holiday were nice as well. Will share that later. For now, need to read the manual again. :D.