Sunday, May 30, 2010

Strobist at an abandoned warehouse

We had a mega outing on last week's Saturday. It was done because two of our Alpha shooters, Shukrie and Maha will be going back to Semenanjung for good. The theme was Blood and Roses. The gangs brought along their favourite models Epong, Stephanie and Dian. The place was an abandoned warehouse located not far from ABX.

It was literally dark inside, so we resorted using torchlights to guide the camera's focusing. I didn't spend much time with them due to other things, so here's a few photos that I managed to take using a friend's Minolta 50mm f1.4. The F58s were used this time.

Shooters in action.


PPed a high-key photo.

An unknown entity which looked like he's pissed off with the actions happening inside the building.


Bored being a passenger while on my way back, tried some zooming effect.

I'm at Kuching now. Just came back from a colleague's wedding. Reached home from Bintulu before 5 pm, and half an hour later I'm on my way again to Serian for the wedding. Feels good to be here and to celebrate Gawai soon. And I discovered something good! Finally I can access the internet via 3G at home rather than GPRS last Christmas. Hip2 Hooray for Celcom. No more going out at night to use public wifi anymore.

To all my friends who's going to celebrate Kaamatan, Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Do Kaamatan. And Siramat Onu Gawai to those who's going to celebrate it in Sarawak, Happy School Holidays as well.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

PSKPP 2010 : Volleyball

PSKPP is the annual sports event whereby education staffs will compete among themselves. This year my school organised volleyball. Normally I would joined as a player but this year I just want to take some photographs. Anyway my school(or rather zone) won first place. Here's some photos of the actions last Saturday.

Tomorrow, I will be going back to Kuching by road to celebrate Gawai. To all friends, Happy Gawai Dayak and have a nice school holidays!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Teacher's Day 2010!

Our school's teacher's day was held last Thursday. Prior to that day, all the teachers were asked to buy gifts to exchange among ourselves, with the minimum price of RM5.00. I bought a stationaries holder.

That morning, all of us gathered inside the school hall. The day started with speeches from the student's representative, our principal and the state's Education director.

Each of us teachers got a token of appreciation from the prefects.

The cake-cutting ceremony to mark the day.

Our students prepared some shows - poem recital.


The it's our turn to sing the once-a-year song, Kami Guru Malaysia.

Then, the student's line up to shake hand with the teachers.

Now comes the interesting time of the day. Gifts exchange!

The gifts ready to be given out. Each of us took turns to pick a number from a box and received a gift according to that number.

Alvina got the longest gift.

Mine! I got some Cloud Nines and a glass set.

Hazmin looked ecstatic!

Solar-powered dancing tomato.

The funniest gift of all, a set of orange plastic plates.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

SMK Sundar's first ever inter-uniform bodies marching competition

Finally, my school organised its first marching competition among the uniform bodies yesterday. A few of my colleagues and I are the advisor for the Kadet Remaja Sekolah(KRS) and we had been praticing for the past few weeks.

Our KRS team.

Some of the teachers cheering for their teams.

A bit of camwhoring.

Some of the bodies that participated.

So, how did we fare? We got the consolation prize. The winner goes to Fireman's cadet.

Lasung accepting the consolation hamper on behalf of KRS.

Bob won the best commandant.

Anyway, I think it's not too late to wish all the teachers out there, Happy Teachers Day! The school just celebrated it this morning and I will blog about it soon.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sony NEX...possible second body?

Photos taken from

Finally, Sony's new camera is out with mixed reviews. People is skeptical about the looks of the camera. A small body with a new, bigger E-mount lens. An adapter is also available to mount Sony Alpha's and Minolta's lenses. Imagine NEX with the 70-400G. No need to

Photos taken from

The ISO performance is good. What I like most about this camera is the ability to capture HD videos and the gorgeous tilt LCD. Check out the video here taken with NEX lenses and the Zeiss STF lens. Yummy! I'm still waiting for it to reach Sony Centres and possibly the A700 replacement before deciding on my next haul.

more reviews here... ... d=35282707

Monday, May 10, 2010

Just another week...

What did I do during this past week? Went to the Cultural Show at KK museum last Saturday with fellow Alpha shooters but only for 10 minutes. Had to go out early to assist my housemate in 'pimping' his Persona.

Shuk with his IR A100.

Rina and Maha.

Brought out my cam this evening and shot these behind the house. I really need something interesting to shoot soon as I haven't upload photos in my facebook for weeks now.

Hey you. What are you doing there?

Trying the plugins in mystical lighting.

The new Lawas District Council building.