Sunday, May 30, 2010

Strobist at an abandoned warehouse

We had a mega outing on last week's Saturday. It was done because two of our Alpha shooters, Shukrie and Maha will be going back to Semenanjung for good. The theme was Blood and Roses. The gangs brought along their favourite models Epong, Stephanie and Dian. The place was an abandoned warehouse located not far from ABX.

It was literally dark inside, so we resorted using torchlights to guide the camera's focusing. I didn't spend much time with them due to other things, so here's a few photos that I managed to take using a friend's Minolta 50mm f1.4. The F58s were used this time.

Shooters in action.


PPed a high-key photo.

An unknown entity which looked like he's pissed off with the actions happening inside the building.


  1. hahaha... entity ya.. ya boknya... congrats to uols.. :)

  2. salam perkenalan :) came across ur blog while searching for flash diffuser. thanx for the review/tryout :)

  3. hie. salam perkenalan. thanks for the visit and reading a rather simple tryout. hehehe. cheers!