Saturday, February 28, 2009

Let's Race online...

If you're bored, want to kill some spare time, fancy some racing games minus the heavy graphics(especially me as my lappy is obsolete), then batracer is the place for you. One warning for heavy gamers though, this is not your typical action racing where you controls the steering wheel of a car. Batracer however is a text-based game, more of a strategy game where each race differs in setups, weather conditions and some luck.

There are a few race sets available, the latest one is Formula One 2008, along with British Touring Championship, F1 1997, 1986, Indy and Champcars. F1 2009 is in the making, and I'm looking foward to that. After registration, pick up the race of your choice. You can pick any teams(if still available) and you together with your new teammate can share car setups information to win each race. For F1 racing, although Ferrari, Mclaren and Renault are competitive in real F1 race, you can do well in a Torro Rosso or Force India as long as your car setups are good.

The setup settings page.

This is how you view your performance after each race. Now I'm racing a Super Aguri!

Sounds easy? Yes, but batracer is more than just setups and race. Your chances of winning are influenced by your qualification and race streategy too. Tyre of choice and pitstops all play a part. And not forgetting you driving style. Too much of aggresion, and your chances of getting in a collision is high. Setups are mostly done by moving the slider bar left and right. You get your own mechanic to advise you on your initial setup.


  • Play as a driver competing to win the drivers championship
  • Work with your team mate to secure the constructors championship
  • Various carsets and race series, race in several series at once your car and helmet!
  • Setup your car for optimum speed
  • Select driving style and race strategy
  • Changing weather conditions
  • Different car, tyre and engine attribuites
  • Safety cars
  • Practice, qualifying and race
  • Complete breakdown of the race results including commentary
  • Circuit maps showing car positions at race end
  • Graphs
  • Championship analysis between teams, drivers and team mates
  • Lap by lap track map replay

  • Interested? Then here proceed. See you there!

    Pimp My Honda

    My EX5 had been serving me faithfully when I was still studying in UMS back in 1999, then my brother used it for a while till it was sold to his friend. I had fond memories of it. It brings me to places I've never been before, taught me be to be responsible for every actions I take when I'm on the road. Eventually, fate plays it part. Few weeks before I got my bike, I was planning on getting one for myself. It's easy to move here on a bike, either to get some groceries or just going for my regular jogging place few kilometres away. Then I remembered my bike, but I didn't expect to get it back from my brother's friend. Maybe it's already in Kuching, or somewhere else. I thought lady luck smiled on me that day, as my brother called me up asking if I'm interested in getting my bike back. Without any hesitation, I forked out RM900 and rode it all the way from KK to Lawas. Sore butt and back, but I brought it home with a big smile of enjoyment and happiness.

    Age took its toll on the bike. Some rust are emminent, sloppy engine response, wear and tear at some parts on it. The first thing I did when I got it back was changing to smaller front and rear tyres and cutting the front spring a bit just like the good old times. The Honda logo was replaced with the red Honda emblem, just like the Type-R's, imitation of course! After riding it for a while, I was thinking of getting a new paint scheme for it, make it look good once again.

    Colour of the bike would be the hardest part for the new scheme. Black, blue, green, yellow, all came into my mind. Finally I choosed a colour influenced from my hours of watching Pimp My Ride and Overhaulin'. After getting the neccessary equipments, I stripped off the bike with the help of my cousin. Did I tell you that I'm going to paint it myself? I really hope that I am making the right colour choice.

    Striping time...

    Remove the front parts

    Rust, and the small but reliable engine.

    This is what's left after the stripping.

    The red Honda logo proudly shown in front. EX5 Type R anyone?

    Anyway, some hints on the colour of choice.

    It's not black, it's fade black! Love the simple colour and the way it shines. Will be updating the progress on this bike later. Being an untrained mechanic, I think it would take weeks to finish with all my busy schedule and raining in the evenings.

    Friday, February 27, 2009

    Embracing the light at last!

    Photography is more about getting the right exposure on every photographs taken. In low light conditions however, flash will be used to compensate the dark areas. The on board flash on my Sony A200 is adequate for most photos I've taken, as well as all the camera phones and PNS cameras I've used before but having an external flash will bring more wonders even when using its own kit lens.

    When I got my A200 last November, I planned on not going over the board by getting unnecessary items for it. I thought both the kit lens will do just fine with everyday photos. A month after that, I got my Minolta 35-80mm which I sold off after just a few weeks as it was rarely used. Then, I got my first prime, Minolta 50mm f1.7 because I like its colours and bokeh. What's next? 'Enough for now' I told myself. Boy I was wrong. This month I got myself a flash. Sony HVL-F42 to be exact. No wonder people say this hobby is expensive. Luckilly I'm not that rich, and there's a lot more things I need to cater to with my savings and salary. Some alpha kakis I knew have tons of poison that could easily swallow you if you're not prepared. Previously I was using my old Yashica flash via hotshoe on my A200 and it's really usefull having one in my dslr bag.

    One nice flash. Comes with built in diffuser on top.

    Buttons for manual adjustments. Wireless time!

    Earlier on I was planning to get the F58 or commonly called the cobra. The price was the major letdown. RM1499 at Sony Centre, around RM1100 street price. I'm afraid that I would not make full use of it's uniqueness and functions to justify my purchase. So I bought the simple F42, second hand for RM560. Good price indeed for a two months old flash. Sony price RM9++, street price around RM7++. The best thing about Sony Alpha systems is that the alpha bodies can command all Sony flash lineups and some Minoltas wirelessly. Way to go for strobist student like me! Quickly I head on to to learn some wireless flash techniques, bought a set of AA alkalines(no money for rechargables now...:( ) and tried my own wireless flash photos.

    Me! Flash was fired wirelessly from the right side of my face.

    Now I'm thinking of getting another flash for more versatility. :D

    Monday, February 16, 2009

    The Big Lawas Flood (6th February 2009)

    It was quite a disaster for Lawas folks on that fateful day. Without any warnings, water from upstreams dashed out through Lawas to the open sea. Coincidently, King Tide was coming, thus making the water became stagnant, and overflowed into Lawas town. It was just in a matter of just an hour when most of Lawas road were submerged in water.

    I woke up that morning and got a message that the town is flooded. Even though my house is in Lawas town, but luckilly the flood didn't reach our place. So we went to school, expecting some floods along the way. Reached my school in dry state, so I thought it was just a small flood back in Lawas.

    Never we knew that just around 8 am, river waters came and rise quickly into the school compound. The school was in an alarm state, because if the water level is high, teachers and students would have difficulty of going back home. Finally the school decided that all dismissed around 8.30, I quickly drove back, passed through some floods on the roads(some almost reach my Kenari door.

    When I reached Lawas, I grabbed my cam and here's what I saw...

    A man trying to cross the flood

    If there's no gate there, this express boat will get on Lawas ground for the first time.

    Another look from afar. I was on a fire and rescue boat when I took this. Thanks to those guys for letting me joined them for a while.

    Floods everywhere.

    Havoc in the morning.

    Pity the new CRV owner.

    Monday, February 2, 2009

    Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

    It's been a while since I last updating this blog. Apart from busy doing my school work, I couldn't find the time to go and visit places. I'm having a little problem with my shots now, as it doesn't look worthy to be published. It is because of my lens, my dslr settings or the fact that I never post-processed my photos beforehand. I love taking photos, but somehow my compositions are poor. Hopefully trials and errors that will come next time will teach me a thing or two.

    Nevertheless, during Chinese New Year holidays, I visited Lok Kawi Wildlife Park situated at the old Papar-Penampang road, around 15 kilometres from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The park is opened daily from 9.30am to 5.30pm. I have been there last year, but only equipped with my lousy handphone cam. The park provides visitors with many animal attractions; tigers, orang utans, elephants and many more. A restaurant is also provided for the hungry and thirsty, and there's a small open auditorium where animal shows are performed daily. You can get some souvenior shop located at the entrance of the park.

    If you want more convenience, you can hop onto on of these. Petrol powered though. :)