Monday, February 16, 2009

The Big Lawas Flood (6th February 2009)

It was quite a disaster for Lawas folks on that fateful day. Without any warnings, water from upstreams dashed out through Lawas to the open sea. Coincidently, King Tide was coming, thus making the water became stagnant, and overflowed into Lawas town. It was just in a matter of just an hour when most of Lawas road were submerged in water.

I woke up that morning and got a message that the town is flooded. Even though my house is in Lawas town, but luckilly the flood didn't reach our place. So we went to school, expecting some floods along the way. Reached my school in dry state, so I thought it was just a small flood back in Lawas.

Never we knew that just around 8 am, river waters came and rise quickly into the school compound. The school was in an alarm state, because if the water level is high, teachers and students would have difficulty of going back home. Finally the school decided that all dismissed around 8.30, I quickly drove back, passed through some floods on the roads(some almost reach my Kenari door.

When I reached Lawas, I grabbed my cam and here's what I saw...

A man trying to cross the flood

If there's no gate there, this express boat will get on Lawas ground for the first time.

Another look from afar. I was on a fire and rescue boat when I took this. Thanks to those guys for letting me joined them for a while.

Floods everywhere.

Havoc in the morning.

Pity the new CRV owner.

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