Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pimp My Honda

My EX5 had been serving me faithfully when I was still studying in UMS back in 1999, then my brother used it for a while till it was sold to his friend. I had fond memories of it. It brings me to places I've never been before, taught me be to be responsible for every actions I take when I'm on the road. Eventually, fate plays it part. Few weeks before I got my bike, I was planning on getting one for myself. It's easy to move here on a bike, either to get some groceries or just going for my regular jogging place few kilometres away. Then I remembered my bike, but I didn't expect to get it back from my brother's friend. Maybe it's already in Kuching, or somewhere else. I thought lady luck smiled on me that day, as my brother called me up asking if I'm interested in getting my bike back. Without any hesitation, I forked out RM900 and rode it all the way from KK to Lawas. Sore butt and back, but I brought it home with a big smile of enjoyment and happiness.

Age took its toll on the bike. Some rust are emminent, sloppy engine response, wear and tear at some parts on it. The first thing I did when I got it back was changing to smaller front and rear tyres and cutting the front spring a bit just like the good old times. The Honda logo was replaced with the red Honda emblem, just like the Type-R's, imitation of course! After riding it for a while, I was thinking of getting a new paint scheme for it, make it look good once again.

Colour of the bike would be the hardest part for the new scheme. Black, blue, green, yellow, all came into my mind. Finally I choosed a colour influenced from my hours of watching Pimp My Ride and Overhaulin'. After getting the neccessary equipments, I stripped off the bike with the help of my cousin. Did I tell you that I'm going to paint it myself? I really hope that I am making the right colour choice.

Striping time...

Remove the front parts

Rust, and the small but reliable engine.

This is what's left after the stripping.

The red Honda logo proudly shown in front. EX5 Type R anyone?

Anyway, some hints on the colour of choice.

It's not black, it's fade black! Love the simple colour and the way it shines. Will be updating the progress on this bike later. Being an untrained mechanic, I think it would take weeks to finish with all my busy schedule and raining in the evenings.

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