Friday, February 27, 2009

Embracing the light at last!

Photography is more about getting the right exposure on every photographs taken. In low light conditions however, flash will be used to compensate the dark areas. The on board flash on my Sony A200 is adequate for most photos I've taken, as well as all the camera phones and PNS cameras I've used before but having an external flash will bring more wonders even when using its own kit lens.

When I got my A200 last November, I planned on not going over the board by getting unnecessary items for it. I thought both the kit lens will do just fine with everyday photos. A month after that, I got my Minolta 35-80mm which I sold off after just a few weeks as it was rarely used. Then, I got my first prime, Minolta 50mm f1.7 because I like its colours and bokeh. What's next? 'Enough for now' I told myself. Boy I was wrong. This month I got myself a flash. Sony HVL-F42 to be exact. No wonder people say this hobby is expensive. Luckilly I'm not that rich, and there's a lot more things I need to cater to with my savings and salary. Some alpha kakis I knew have tons of poison that could easily swallow you if you're not prepared. Previously I was using my old Yashica flash via hotshoe on my A200 and it's really usefull having one in my dslr bag.

One nice flash. Comes with built in diffuser on top.

Buttons for manual adjustments. Wireless time!

Earlier on I was planning to get the F58 or commonly called the cobra. The price was the major letdown. RM1499 at Sony Centre, around RM1100 street price. I'm afraid that I would not make full use of it's uniqueness and functions to justify my purchase. So I bought the simple F42, second hand for RM560. Good price indeed for a two months old flash. Sony price RM9++, street price around RM7++. The best thing about Sony Alpha systems is that the alpha bodies can command all Sony flash lineups and some Minoltas wirelessly. Way to go for strobist student like me! Quickly I head on to to learn some wireless flash techniques, bought a set of AA alkalines(no money for rechargables now...:( ) and tried my own wireless flash photos.

Me! Flash was fired wirelessly from the right side of my face.

Now I'm thinking of getting another flash for more versatility. :D

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