Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sony Multiple Flash workshop

This workshop was the continuation of the 1-Light workshop that was done some few months ago. Once again it was conducted by Mr. Wesley Wong of Lightroom Studio and Academy. Eventhough my Nex camera cannot participate in the hands-on training, but I did gained valuable tips and tricks the will help me on my quest for my off-camera flash project, if, it's ever gonna kick off after this. The fee was RM49, plus refreshments prepared by the Imperial Hotel.

Lightstand, modified from a tool used for painting high walls.

It can be extended and stored easily. All you need to do is to drill some grooves on the metal tip to clamp the lightstand.

Lastolite softboxes. Wesley jokingly said that it would be a waste if we paid RM49 for the workshop, only to see and use cheap lighting equipments.

Foldable and stackable Lastolite lightstands.

We started at the lobby of the conference room.

First and foremost, get the light on the subject right before proceeding with the other light sources(fill light).

Because lower shutter speed was used(1/30-1/60), a small but useful negative film strip was used to cover the pop-up flash. On HSS mode however, this won't be needed.

Lastolite honeycomb diffuser.

Some of the 'behind the scenes' photos.

Yazid holding a blue gel for the third flash unit that acts as a fill light.

No fans available for some dramatic scarf motion? Just move the scarf manually and back away quickly before the shutter opens.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Grand Borneo Hotel buffet dinner

After an exhausting workout at 1 Fitness, I wandered around 1 Borneo to look for shorts where I spotted an interesting buffet dinner promo at Grand Borneo hotel. It's priced at Rm29.++ per person. Very, very cheap compared to our usual spot at Promenade which is priced at RM68.++.

I quickly called wifey, and both of us were curious of what are being offered at that price, so I called the hotel to book our seats.

The restaurant is called Soul Out and is located at the 2nd floor, facing the main road. The buffet dinner starts at 6.30pm till 9.30 pm.

By the way, I used my Aria for all the photos here.

Took some photos of the hotel lobby while waiting for dinner time.

Time for makan! With that price, I came in without high hopes.

Main dishes. Rice in I-don't-know-what leaf was served last night and it was delicious!

Sweets and desserts.

Salad bar.

You can pick raw ingredients here and cooks will cook them for you. I didn't tried these.

My first plate!

Then I had curry mee. The curry soup was nice. Just right.

The foods served were not as much as the ones I had at Promenade, but for the price and taste, it was well worth the money. Last night there wasn't any juice served, only plain water and coffee/tea. Ice-cream was available though. I came in without high hopes, but came out with a belly full of nutritious goodness, in a healthy way of course! I'm still on my diet and workout routine to cut down some weight. One thing for sure, I won't regret paying if I can't taste everything that was served.

Anyway, much praise given but I did find a few things that need to be addressed by the hotel. At one time I found a strand of hair on the empty dinner plate. It's not something that some hungry peeps want to see. Being a good guest hehe, I gently swept the hair away. Besides that, I noticed some really small, black particles on those plates too. Apart from that, the service by the staffs was good and fast.

About those problems, maybe it's just one of those days. I would recommend this place for anyone with a big stomach and big appetite to come and experience it. I know I will, next Monday haha!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Another Kokol sunrise and portraits

What a better way to start the day by catching sunrise early in the morning. One of our favourite sunrise spot is Kokol Hill at Menggatal. We gathered at Menggatal town around 5 am before driving up the hill which took merely 20 minutes to reach the top.

Good morning Malaysia!

The first ray of the day finally came...from our right!

As usual, group photo. From L to R : Usop, Rina, Vivian, Sham, Nicole, Dzul, Hafiz, Linda and yours truly...

Our main activity of the day however, was a portrait session with some friends. I used Sony 50mm f1.8 for all the shots below, set mostly at f4. Models were lit up using reflectors and diffusers.

1. Zeta.

2. Azura

3. Fiza

Not forgetting some behind the scene shots.

Kysham, with his ever so poisonous A850 + CZ 85mm combo!

Monday, December 6, 2010

D'KL, Kampung Likas

Strategically located at No. 1, Lorong Likas, Jalan Likas at Kampung Likas, this big house is actually a restaurant! I have not heard of D'KL before until a friend suggested that we had a dinner there. For those looking for it, D'Kl is situated just in front of a small playground. If you're still unsure that it's the restaurant, just peek inside and you will see this.

What is so special about this place? It serves authentic Indonesian dishes!

You can have your meal at the table, our you can sit inside! This is another of D'KL's nice features.

It's air-conditioned as well.

A good place for family/office gathering.

Some of the dish we ordered. Ayam(chicken) penyek.


Grilled beef.

I would recommend this place for Indonesian food lovers. Food prices are a bit on the high side but the ambient and the settings of the place makes up for the money spent.