Friday, December 10, 2010

Grand Borneo Hotel buffet dinner

After an exhausting workout at 1 Fitness, I wandered around 1 Borneo to look for shorts where I spotted an interesting buffet dinner promo at Grand Borneo hotel. It's priced at Rm29.++ per person. Very, very cheap compared to our usual spot at Promenade which is priced at RM68.++.

I quickly called wifey, and both of us were curious of what are being offered at that price, so I called the hotel to book our seats.

The restaurant is called Soul Out and is located at the 2nd floor, facing the main road. The buffet dinner starts at 6.30pm till 9.30 pm.

By the way, I used my Aria for all the photos here.

Took some photos of the hotel lobby while waiting for dinner time.

Time for makan! With that price, I came in without high hopes.

Main dishes. Rice in I-don't-know-what leaf was served last night and it was delicious!

Sweets and desserts.

Salad bar.

You can pick raw ingredients here and cooks will cook them for you. I didn't tried these.

My first plate!

Then I had curry mee. The curry soup was nice. Just right.

The foods served were not as much as the ones I had at Promenade, but for the price and taste, it was well worth the money. Last night there wasn't any juice served, only plain water and coffee/tea. Ice-cream was available though. I came in without high hopes, but came out with a belly full of nutritious goodness, in a healthy way of course! I'm still on my diet and workout routine to cut down some weight. One thing for sure, I won't regret paying if I can't taste everything that was served.

Anyway, much praise given but I did find a few things that need to be addressed by the hotel. At one time I found a strand of hair on the empty dinner plate. It's not something that some hungry peeps want to see. Being a good guest hehe, I gently swept the hair away. Besides that, I noticed some really small, black particles on those plates too. Apart from that, the service by the staffs was good and fast.

About those problems, maybe it's just one of those days. I would recommend this place for anyone with a big stomach and big appetite to come and experience it. I know I will, next Monday haha!


  1. What a nice kitchen....& the interior design, wow!!

  2. en_me : what to do...mulah2!!!

    Dayung : should make a trip here. The foods aren't much, but tasty.