Thursday, December 9, 2010

Another Kokol sunrise and portraits

What a better way to start the day by catching sunrise early in the morning. One of our favourite sunrise spot is Kokol Hill at Menggatal. We gathered at Menggatal town around 5 am before driving up the hill which took merely 20 minutes to reach the top.

Good morning Malaysia!

The first ray of the day finally came...from our right!

As usual, group photo. From L to R : Usop, Rina, Vivian, Sham, Nicole, Dzul, Hafiz, Linda and yours truly...

Our main activity of the day however, was a portrait session with some friends. I used Sony 50mm f1.8 for all the shots below, set mostly at f4. Models were lit up using reflectors and diffusers.

1. Zeta.

2. Azura

3. Fiza

Not forgetting some behind the scene shots.

Kysham, with his ever so poisonous A850 + CZ 85mm combo!


  1. nice set, bro..i miss portraiture shooting... :)

  2. kysham jak aku salu jumpa KL, ktk org lom g aku pernah jumpa

  3. Ko ya sombong kuikui! Anyway mun ko ada d kch ujg bulan tok padah. Aku balit kch on d 15 tok.