Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sony Multiple Flash workshop

This workshop was the continuation of the 1-Light workshop that was done some few months ago. Once again it was conducted by Mr. Wesley Wong of Lightroom Studio and Academy. Eventhough my Nex camera cannot participate in the hands-on training, but I did gained valuable tips and tricks the will help me on my quest for my off-camera flash project, if, it's ever gonna kick off after this. The fee was RM49, plus refreshments prepared by the Imperial Hotel.

Lightstand, modified from a tool used for painting high walls.

It can be extended and stored easily. All you need to do is to drill some grooves on the metal tip to clamp the lightstand.

Lastolite softboxes. Wesley jokingly said that it would be a waste if we paid RM49 for the workshop, only to see and use cheap lighting equipments.

Foldable and stackable Lastolite lightstands.

We started at the lobby of the conference room.

First and foremost, get the light on the subject right before proceeding with the other light sources(fill light).

Because lower shutter speed was used(1/30-1/60), a small but useful negative film strip was used to cover the pop-up flash. On HSS mode however, this won't be needed.

Lastolite honeycomb diffuser.

Some of the 'behind the scenes' photos.

Yazid holding a blue gel for the third flash unit that acts as a fill light.

No fans available for some dramatic scarf motion? Just move the scarf manually and back away quickly before the shutter opens.

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