Monday, December 6, 2010

D'KL, Kampung Likas

Strategically located at No. 1, Lorong Likas, Jalan Likas at Kampung Likas, this big house is actually a restaurant! I have not heard of D'KL before until a friend suggested that we had a dinner there. For those looking for it, D'Kl is situated just in front of a small playground. If you're still unsure that it's the restaurant, just peek inside and you will see this.

What is so special about this place? It serves authentic Indonesian dishes!

You can have your meal at the table, our you can sit inside! This is another of D'KL's nice features.

It's air-conditioned as well.

A good place for family/office gathering.

Some of the dish we ordered. Ayam(chicken) penyek.


Grilled beef.

I would recommend this place for Indonesian food lovers. Food prices are a bit on the high side but the ambient and the settings of the place makes up for the money spent.

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