Tuesday, November 30, 2010

28 Nov - Mengkabong sunrise, Kionsom waterfall

School holidays is great. I have a lot of time in my hands for my gym sessions, window shopping and as usual, outing with my fellow snapper friends. Last Sunday we decided to capture sunrise from Mengkabong bridge, followed by a short waterfall trip to Kionsom in Inanam.

I reached Mengkabong around 5 am and boy it was cold. Set up my camera and tripod, shot these.

Good Morning Malaysia!!!

Time for some panoramic view.

Two boats created nice water ripples.

Another one!

I mounted the 70200G f2.8 SSM on my Nex, and shot this uncropped photo from the brigde.

Interesting stuffs happening on the other side of the bridge as well.

Then, we head to the popular waterfall deep inside Inanam. Because I didn't come prepared, I had my shots at the lower part of the waterfall. You need to climb up for 10-15 minutes to experience other parts of this wonderful place.

Here's a short clip of that place in the morning.


  1. KU lom sampei situk.. Iannam udah, kiosom lom kali.. BTW.. gambar kachak2 pok.. i like!

  2. Amazing ! Very beautiful pictures. The place seems to be one of beautiful place of the world. On of my friend is living in Malaysia. He said many time for coming there but was not able to manage my work. But surely, in coming holiday, I will surely make my plan for there.

  3. Kaljis...mun datang padah awal2. Thanks for the visit geng.