Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sony 50mm f1.8 + LA - EA1 + Sony Nex-3

I bought a Sony 50mm f1.8 SAM lenses recently fill in the gap of my Nex kit. Since I have the LA -EA1 adapter, I do need a prime for that special moments aka portraits, or when I need the bokeh in my photos. It all started after I played with the Minolta's version, but a f1.4. Then, I nearly bought the Sony's f1.4 version but the deal didn't came through.

Anyway, my chance came last Friday during our TT session. The owner just bought a Minolta 50mm f1.7, and to my surprise why he would have to 50mm's in his bag. After much persuasion from my friends and I, he finally agreed to sell it to me, much to my delight.

The built is different from Minolta. It is the same as newer Sony SAM lenses. However, the mount is plastic and I do hope it will last after much mounting and dismounting process in the future. So far I haven't come across complaints about this. All right, enough of technology jargon, there's plenty of those in the net. Photos of the lens with Nex were taken using HTC Aria(will blog about that soon).

As weird-looking as it maybe, the photos produces are good!

49mm filter thread.

AF/MF focus selector on the go. I use this switch a lot!

Okay, some photos.

My colleagues. 1/1600, f2.8, iso400

1/30, f2.8, iso1600

1/100, f2, iso1600

1/100, f2.2, iso800


  1. Ah your 2nd gf!!! Nice almost complete your collection. I'm planning to buy 1 so that I can take many pictures in the States

  2. how does the af works? is it as fast as the original nex lenses?

  3. Hi. Not as fast as Nex's kit lenses, but definitely faster than SAM zoom lenses (55200 SAM) for example.