Thursday, November 25, 2010

Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) Aquarium and Museum

I heard about this place from a friend and we decided to take a visit there yesterday. Going back to UMS brought me back lots of memories as I studied there in 1999-2001. Much has change since then.

The aquarium is situated at Borneo Marine Research Institute (BMRI) and the entrance fee is RM5 for adults. The aquarium area actually is not as big as the one at Green Connection, but it houses some of the biggest sea creatures I've ever seen!

The aquarium area.

When you enter the aquarium, look up!

This fish is big!

Another big fish.


On the other part of the aquarium...


  1. wah.. slamak tuk aku sik tauk pun ada akurium sia.. thanks for sharing tuk pok..

  2. hahaha...jgn ko. aku pun sama hahaha.