Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kudat - Sumangkap Gong Making

Our next stop was Gong-making village at Sumangkap. It is situated not far from the honey farm, besides, there's numerous signboards erected at the main road to lead you here. As usual, you have to pay the entrance fees of RM5 of adults and Rm3 for kids 6-12 years old.

That road leads to numerous houses in this village that makes gongs.

One of the villagers in 'action'. Most of the gongs are made of tin, the more expensive ones are made of brass, which sounded nicer and last longer.

You can even try you skills at gong-playing. Don't worry about the loud sound, the atmosphere here is already loud by the sounds of tins being hit to make gongs.

You can buy miniature gongs for souvenirs.

I bought the two top left gongs for RM10 each!

One of the villagers showing his skills.

Here's a short clip of him with the gongs.

Pardon the video quality, I'm still having problems in resizing my videos. Original file looked better and sharper.

The biggest attraction however, is the huge gong erected at the field.

It's big!

Next up, the Tip of Borneo!

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