Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cokin P-series

Recently I bought a used Cokin P-series filter set for RM150 from a good friend. It came with 5 filters which, I hope it would help me in getting better photos especially landscapes. I tried looking for the 49mm adapter ring to no avail, which led me in getting the 52mm as I already have the 49-52mm step-up ring. Lucky for me, after mounting ring, adapter and filter, I didn't have issues with vignetting for all my lenses.

I bought the adapter ring for Rm38 from a seller in

Mounted on my camera via step-up ring and adapter.

Some views along Kota Belud-Kota Marudu road.

Punang, Lawas this evening.


  1. ku pun cokin dah da juak.. hehehe.. tp sik best gilak.. sebab aku k lens wide.. nampak tepi ya pok.. 13mm baruk x nampak

  2. Oh I love kinabalu mountain...whatever you place in front of it will turn out so pretty.

  3. Del, i never thought about that till you mentioned about it. It does make sense hahaha. Thanks for the tip!