Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lawas, development in progress

Phew. It's been a week since I last updated my blog. Not that I don't have the time, but rather I don't know what to shoot nowadays. Evening activities would always be playing futsal or just resting at home watching TV.

Today I picked up my camera, and went out to look for subjects. By the way, my Tamron is having problems with its focusing speed since late last year. It might be due to the impact it had when my camera and the lens slipped from my shoulders. Not once but twice! Good thing is, it's still sharp just that the focus motor acted erratically at times. Thinking of sending it for servicing soon.

The neighbour's dog.

My old car! Sadly I'm planning to sell it off soon.

Our futsal shoes being dried after a very wet futsal game last Monday.

The robust Toyota Hilux to go up Ba Kelalan.

Didn't managed to get the Twin Otter in the air before it landed.

While I was looking for more subjects and queuing to get fuel, I looked back at the past seven years of my life as a teacher in Lawas. If I'm not posted here in the first place, I wouldn't know about this small town and importantly, its people and cultures. I'm happy though to see more developments coming soon here. For instance, the one and only petrol session. During peak times, it would be a pain in the a** just to get some fuel. Because of its location and the size of it, you can't turn back once you entered the road going to it. Furthermore, a lot of pickup drivers from far villages would bring lots of plastic fuel containers to stock up fuel supply. Waiting for them to finish seems forever sometimes.

Queue here, queue there.

Not so peak hours in this shot.

Anyway, things will change soon.

The just completed Petronas station. It will be a much awaited blessing for Lawas town.

Spacious, and more fuel pumps to cater the ever-increasing cars here.

Besides that, soon, we will enjoy a new waterfront and a new hotel that is facing Lawas river.

Few months to go.

The Lawas waterfront under construction. Wish the view on the other side is nicer.

The soon to be completed Seri Malaysia Hotel.

It will be the tallest building in Lawas, but still way shorter than Limbang's Purnama Hotel.

Shangsan Hotel(left side) is the tallest building previously.

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