Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The navy boat ride

For almost 15 minutes, I felt the air all around my body when the navy patrol boat brought me and some other passengers for a boat ride around KK sea. When I saw the banner for the ride during the "Freedom of entry" event, I told myself that I must wait for this. Besides, it's cheap too. RM2 for adults and RM1 for children.

It stated at the banner that the ride will opened at 12.30, but by 11.30 I was already at the jetty. I saw a table with some navy personnel, and I purposely stood in front of the table and just wait. In just a few minutes, the jetty was packed with anxious KK folks, also waited for the same thing.

Right after as the navy personnel announced it was opened, all of them rushed towards the table. But, I was the first to buy the ticket, and immediately some 20 of the early birds including myself were lead to the boat. We were instructed to wear safety vest before the ride. I was busy preparing my camera setting though. I don't want the wrong settings to affect this once in a lifetime opportunity.

The ride was fun, coupled with some sharp maneuvering, showing its capabilities and power. The boat was cruising around 20 knots. There were some moments when the water splashed into the boat during those maneuver, and I almost got my Alpha wet. All in all I can say that it was one ride that I won't forget. Kudos to the Malaysian navy in organising such interesting activities.

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