Sunday, April 12, 2009

My new shoes...Adidas Court Stabil 3

What a great feeling after my badminton game just now. What normally a sore feet and soles now become a distant feeling after wearing my new shoes. Just bought the Adidas Court Stabil 3 for RM199, and all I can say is it's a great shoe for it's price. Stable or Stabil it is, I can jump forward or backward now with more confidence. The big soles are just perfect for my feet, enough for moving all around the court with ease. The grip is outstanding. Some info about this shoe.

Upper : Synthetic
Midsole : adiPRENE insert for comfort and shock absorption, adiPRENE + for forefoot propulsion and efficiency. EVA midsole. Extended TORSION bar for heel and midfoot stability.
Outsole : Non marking

Adidas' adiPRENE is a highly shock absorbent material that cushions and protects your heel at impact. The material has been designed to withstand every type of court for maximum playability and comfort. Wow! Maybe that's what I need from a shoe.

There are many good badminton shoes out there, from Yonex, Asics or Mizuno but some are priced higher than this shoe. All have their own technology and advantages but this one won my heart today. And I love the colours too, one of my favorite. Being a big guy, fat and high soles are one of the factors that I take account when buying sports shoes and this shoe fulfil most of my needs. I can bring it for volleyball or even just for a jog.

My old badminton shoe is a Pro Ace, and it's been serving me well for a few months. Thank you Pro Ace for those great games beforehand. :D


  1. Hi,
    I write to you beacause I am looking for this model (Adidas Court Stabil 3) which is no more available.
    Could you please tell me where you found it?
    I thank you very much in advance.
    Kind regards,

  2. Hi Aurelie, thanks for the visit.

    I bought mine in an Adidas outlet at Centre Point, Kota Kinabalu. I don't think any of the outlets have the stocks now as they have replaced it with new ones.