Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Salut Seafood Foodcourt

You like to eat? I love eating(that explains my chubby appearances). :D. Anyway, if you're visiting or happen to be in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, there's one seafood restaurant that is famous for its delicious and fresh offerings. It's called Salut Seafood Restaurant located along Sulaman Road. If you're new, I would suggest you to bring someone who knows the road there. It's located about 30kms from KK town, and a bit secluded from the main road. You only see the big signboard at the entrance when you reach that area.

Going in through some gravel roads(I wonder why the restaurant owner haven't upgrade their roads yet) and if you're lost, just look out for the area with bright lights if going at night. As lonely and secluded it may be, you'll be amazed that the restaurant is one fully-packed area. Some people would go the distance just for the sake of good food. Sometimes that applies to me. Most of the time, cheap first, taste later. Owh, back to the restaurant. Parking is vast so don't worry.

Food selections would cater for most seafood lovers, same goes to the drinks. You can select various juices, coffees, ice blended and ice kacangs! The practice there would be you order what you want first at the entrance(near those basins and aquariums that houses aquatic delicacies).

Order you foods around here.

You have been warned...

Then you proceed to the table.

It's packed when I'm there that day.

Fans are aplenty to keep you cool.

What I like about this place is that ordered foods come fast, and tasty too even when it's packed. And don't worry to stuff your bellies and get stomachache because clean toilets are many. Just come and enjoy yourself. That day, my family and I ordered siakap fish, butter prawns, squid curry, sea cucumber soup and deep fried crunchy crabs(recommended!) and everything plus the drinks totaled up to RM222.00. I frowned when I looked at the bill, but dad happily paid. He said, 'good food like this, you don't have to think twice when paying'. True. :D.

Squid curry. Yummy!

The fish.

Dry butter prawn with Nestum.

Deep fried soft crabs(highly recommended!)

Just one reminder though, the seats far inside the restaurant can be a bit smelly because of the sea. Be sure to come early(or even better in the late evening) if you want to have an enjoyable meal there. The evening skies there are stunning!

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