Saturday, April 4, 2009

Photo editing (photoshop?) the easy way!

I was browsing through my friend's band, Masterpiece on Myspace and I was attracted to their photosets which shows them at different locations such as signboard, on a street wall and I wonder how did they do that kind of photos. It looks kinda real. I can do something like that using photoshop but it does takes time especially when blending your own photos into an existing photo.

Hence I looked and looked all over the net, then I stumbled into this site where you just load your own photo into the selected template and wallah! Your photos can be seen on a wall, a construction site, magazines or even being held by the beautiful Paris Hilton. :D.

Here's some photos that I did just now.

and my personal favourite...

Ya I know...I don't fit as a Jedi Master. But what the heck. Haha.

Nice? Then head HERE for more! Enjoy!


  1. haha. very nice bro. as easy as 1,2,3. no need to buy photo frame now. just advertise at the wall or construction sites. hahah.