Friday, April 24, 2009

Toyota Corolla GL

This car was my brother's, bought it for RM5000 but needs a lot of repairing mostly on the bodyparts. There are a lot of old cars enthusiasts in Sabah who loves owning cars like these. Due to the fact that drifting is getting popular(no thanks to Initial D), most Toyota's rear driven cars are in demand. Getting the coveted AE86 from the Initial D series was difficult and expensive too. In fact I don't see Sarawak registered AE86 in Kuching. It can be considered rare as well. The 4AGE engines are well known for its reliability and power. Buying the other less popular Toyotas is a cheap platform for drifting. Put in 4AGE engines in plus some upgraded parts, it can be a serious contender.

Anyway, after some few thousands thrown into the Corolla, my brother managed to transform it into one nice looking car. Toyota Levin bucket seats replaced the original front seats, BMW's 'ducktail' spoiler, new 'champion white' paint and BBS 16 inch rims was put in for a more aggresive looks. Managed to grab attentions too when we drove this car around town.

Sadly, before we could proceed further with the engine upgrade, the car had been sold to make way for a new one. But that's a different story. :D

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  1. Hmm... I could tell that those BBS rims gave the swagger that it needs to make a lot of heads turn while you’re driving on the highway. But, why did you decide to sell it? It could still look at its best if you give it a paint job after the engine upgrade.