Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Old, but not forgotten...the Yashica FX-3 chronicles...

My Yashica have been kept in it's box for quite some time now since I got my dslr. This is the camera that I brought anywhere and everywhere I went to. It captures some great moments that happened to me, witnessed the good and the bad times. I had my share of under and over exposed photos, forking out money to develop the films and buying new packs of film of different isos.

I can understand the enthusiasm of some photographers out there who still believe in film cameras. Maybe because of the mechanical shutter, and the painstaking, but an unforgetable experience in selecting the settings for shutter, iso, aperture and the manual focus. It's a great joy to see your photos developed, coming out in full glory of colours and details.

I once lost some of that experieces and enthusiam, and now I want to relive all of that again. But first I need to get my fresh new pack of films, cleaning the lens and making sure everything is in working order. Hopefully I can get some decent shots soon. :D


  1. hehe. thank you. out of words right now so better use what I have to tell a story. heheh.