Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bukit Mas Park, Limbang, Sarawak

This is the place where I go and sweat out each time I'm staying in Limbang for more than a week. I usually have my courses and meetings here, and if I don't do my exercises often or stick to my weekly routine, I'm going to get some new clothes and pants. Sigh...

There are jogging tracks that span more than a kilometer, and some wooden ladders going up the hill if you want some adventure. When on top, you reward yourself with a magnificent view of Limbang Town. Kiddies playground is also available for family outings. At one end of the jogging track, there's a 'foot massage' walk. I tried that personally and I think you won't be needing the visits to the foot therapy centres anymore. The abundance of trees also contributed to the fresh and relaxing exercises.

The suspended bridge.

View from the middle of the bridge.

Going up! Take it slow alright.

The park also offers some nice views for photo taking, as the jogging tracks surrounded a lake, and there's a small suspended bridge in the middle. Good for lake shots, and for joggers who wants some shortcuts.

One of kiddies attractions here.

Barbeque pit, although I haven't encountered anybody using it.

You'll cross this one on your way down from the top of the hill.

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