Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My grandparents

I was browsing my old photo collections when I came across these photos of my dad's father and mum. I almost forgot about these which I took last December before Christmas using the 50mm lens. I was astonished on how the light falls on their faces, revealing their wrinkles and features. It showed what kind of living they had back then. In an instant I remembered what my dad often tells me, my two brothers and my sis.

He kept telling us about how they lived their life in hardship. Just how he woke up very early in the morning to fetch firewood to cook before walking some few kilometers to school. He often reminded us about trying our best to in our studies, get a good job and lead a good life, unlike what he endured when he was young.

His stories of his childhood upbringings, even though we will never experience it, taught us siblings to be what we are now. And one day, I will try to teach my children just what my grandparents and parents have done for us.

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