Sunday, April 5, 2009

The rivers of Tamu Darat

Tamu Darat is a village located in Kota Belud, about an hour drive from Kota Kinabalu. Flowing along the road to Tamu Darat, lies the Kedamaian river, which is one of the main attractions there. It overlooked Mount Kinabalu, a great place for photographs and weekend picniking. I was unlucky when I went there as it was moonsoon season, and the river was a little bit muddy. But nevertheless, the river was cool and refreshing. One reminder, bring your own stuffs if you want to barbecue or something. There aren't many proper facilities like a barbeque pit or benches for you there, so it's basically freestyle. :D

Old skool mode of transportation, for bringing you across the river. You have to manually pedaled the lever by hand.

The suspended bridge. Looks dangerous but still usable.

I wonder if the horns up there are real...

Another view. Can't see much of Mount Kinabalu.

My friend trying out 'stone-gliding'.

His daughter. We are trying to some nice shots of her but sadly not much due to the slightly muddy river and the weather.

Another area for picnicking.

Streams of awesome coolness!

Why I'm attracted to that place? My friend shot a photo of her daughter on a sunny day and HERE'S what he got. Nice eh...

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