Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My childhood craze

This is what I wanted when I was a teenager, but the price tag was a turn-off. Just a few could afford it. It was cool back then, and still looks cool now. Reebok Pump was introduced in the 90's, whereby the mechanism inflates the tongue of the shoe to make the perfect fit.

After 17 years of dreaming, I finally have one and boy it looks great, and feels great too. I bought it from an oversea seller, as Pump is kind of extinct here. Got the Boulevard Bringback Edition. This is the most expensive shoe I had bought, but I think all the money are well spent. I had numerous stares wherever I go with it, and some did asked if it's a real Pump. Guess there are dreamers like me too.

However, wish I can get this one though, nice colours and also a Puma Disc. :) Anybody have one for sale?

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