Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mengkabong Bridge revisited 28 Feb 2011

One of the great activities that can kick-start your weekend is to catch the first light of the day. My friends and I decided that we should revisited Mengkabong, as you won't find the same sunrise twice.

I woke up early(as usual) and drove my way to the bridge but was greeted with an early shower. I nearly stopped to inform the others but then I continued hoping that it would stop once I'm there. Luck was on our side as it wasn't raining at Mengkabong but we were greeted with an abundance of dark clouds which blocked the view of Mt. Kinabalu.

While waiting for some good shots, everyone took their time to position themselves around the bridge.

Of all the photos that day, this was one of two photos which looked good.

About a few minutes later, we were greeted with nice clouds and reflections.

The views from the other side of the bridge.

The gangs who attended that day.

Each trip to Mengkabong won't be complete without the usual stop to a restaurant near KK Polytechnic to savor cheap nasi lemaks.

RM1 each!


  1. Tubik.. ktk org nang aktif hoh.. I met kysham at Sony Convention 2011 at KLCC reya.. heeee.. :) Mun nemunya send my regrads to him k..

    Niway.. ku suka gambar sunset u ambik ya and the cloudy reflection ya.. :)

  2. cne mengkabong ya..nway..nice captures. =)

  3. Dayung : Mengkabong is at Tuaran area...but going a bit inside actually. If you know polytechnic area, or Sulaman, or even Salut restaurant, it further up the road. Definitely not going to miss that big jambatan.

    Onggon : Makaseh. Datang sitok lain kali padah awal2. Kelak u pun dapat sunrise nad sunset juak eh.

    MASZ : Thanks! Mengkabong kat area sulaman. Mun ada GPS senang mok cari. Mun sik pun, mun ada di sitok mek org leh embak sia no hal. :D

  4. been there done that.. ehehe