Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sony Malaysia Alpha Dslt Natural Light Portraiture

This workshop was conducted on the 3rd of April, whereby, for the first time, I saw quite a number of Sony Alpha users attended. It was a free one, same like the basic workshop but the response for the basic was lukewarm. Our speaker was Mr. Wesley, the same guy who conducted the 1 and Multiple Light Workshop previously.

Being a portraiture workshop that emphasized on natural lighting, my Nex finally can perform on par with its bigger Alpha brothers. We used reflectors to lit up our model that day.

Vivian - our model.

Wesley was funny as usual. The workshop stressed on getting good portrait photos using some (but not necessarily) rules and technique. In the end, it was an eye-opener session.

A friend brought along this gem.

Owh, I won something during the workshop's mini competition. I brought home a Cybershot bag for getting the third place.

My 'winning' shot. :D

Still, I'm waiting for Sony to conduct a proper Nex's portraiture workshop as before this workshop ended, Wesley did show to us some photos from his previous Nex workshop, and I saw some really stunning images. Apart from that, I do hope he will be conducting editing classes as well.

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