Monday, May 5, 2014


I love having workout sessions. I have been doing some exercises previously but somehow I stopped because, simply I don't see the results I wanted. Furthermore, the gym I frequent last time was not actually that far, but the prospect of being stucked in the traffic jamm on my way back weakens the spirit.

Lucky for me, a new gym opened near my house. Just a minute away by motorbike. It's called U-fitness, located on the third floor in one of the shoplots at Inanam Taipan. The facilities provided are not new, but for RM5 per entry, unlimited hours, that is just right for me.

Thanks to that gym, I lost 12 kgs in a few months. Slow progress since I'm trying to lose weight while gaining muscles at the same time.

Losing weights means I need to get new clothes to compliment the new look. So far I've been looking for cheap clothes, knowing that buying expensive ones will render them redundant in a few months. I went from size XL and currently wearing M.

In came Amnig. I spotted the sales thread in Lowyat forum, promising good quality clothes with cheap prices since they are a local brand.

Pay only RM50 for a tee and a shorts combo.

I bought that Passport to Fame tee.

Together with this shorts. I must say even though the shorts material are a bit thick, it is still comfortable to wear and I can wear it for going out as well.

Yeah...75 kgs coming.

More options are in their website though no combo deals like the one in Lowyat. I'm planning to get the running tees soon.

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