Tuesday, March 17, 2015

An interesting appetizer with galangal, asam and anchovies.

Recently my mother in-law prepared something interesting that is perfect as an appetizer. What you need are galangal, buah asam, anchovies, red chillies, cooking oil and sugar to taste. There's no exact amount for this recipe. It is up to you whether you want more sour taste from asam, hot from the chillies, sweetness from the sugar, 'sweet' and 'spicy' from the galangal or the saltiness from the anchovies.

 Skinned both buah asam and galangal. 

 I used small anchovies. You can also use anchovies that has been cleaned. Pound them using stone mortar as well just to get them soften.

Next step. Pound the galangal using stone mortar. Some may prefer to blend it but i prefer to maintain its crunchiness. 

Slice buah asam into thin strips. 

Stir-fry anchovies using a small amount of cooking oil. You just want the anchovies to be brownish in colour.

When the anchovies is done, place it into a bowl and mix them with galangal and slices of asam. Reminder, there's no exact amount here so the taste is up to you.

Put in minced red chillies and sugar. 

I think mine has too much anchovies. Some extra galangal and asam. 

Done! Great for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and it tastes good with plain porridge! 

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